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3 Seasons 30 Episodes

Chip Baskets has always dreamed of being a classically trained clown. After flunking out of French clown college – probably due to his inability to understand French – he returns home to Bakersfield, California, where he moves in with his mother, Christine, bickers with his twin brother Dale, longs for his sophisticated Parisian ex-wife, and continues to pursue his professional clowning dream with the assistance of his friend/assistant/insurance adjuster, Martha. Zach Galifianakis stars as both Chip and Dale, with Louie Anderson as Christine and Martha Kelly in the role of Martha.

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S3 E4 A Night at the Opera
Chip incorporates a San Joaquin Valley earthiness into his clown routine. An FX Original Series.
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S3 E3 Crash
Christine brings the celery. An FX Original Series.
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S3 E2 Finding Eddie
Christine eats a carrot. An FX Original Series.
S3 E1 Wild Horses
Chip learns how to transfer a call. An FX Original Series.
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S2 E10 Circus
Christine turns to Arby's when Chip joins the Russians.
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S2 E9 Yard Sale
Martha learns to haggle.
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S2 E8 Funeral
Someone trying to punch Logan in the face accidentally punches Cody. Chip attempts to sort it out.
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S2 E7 Denver
Christine tries a Denver omelette in Denver, Colorado.
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S2 E6 Marthager
Martha books Chip a gig at a car crash.
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S2 E5 Fight
Dale’s dog days are over when Chip and Christine finally return to Bakersfield.
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S2 E4 Ronald Reagan Library
Chip laments Ronald Reagan giving up his acting career for a desk job.
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S2 E3 Bail
Chip’s arrest throws a wrench into Christine’s water aerobics schedule.
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S2 E2 Reverie
Chip is given an opportunity to pee in the cowboy toilet.
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S2 E1 Freaks
Chip has to decide between a tarp and snacks.
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S1 E10 Family Portrait
Mom adjusts to her new life as a diabetic, Dale learns cacti only need to be watered once a year and Chip hits rock bottom.
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S1 E9 Picnic
Chip follows a turtle around Paris.
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S1 E8 Sugar Pie
If you bring a sugar pie to book club, nobody will eat it. This day and age, almost everyone’s watching their sugar consumption.
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S1 E7 Cowboys
Eddie drags Chip and Martha on a road trip to deliver some cowboy justice.
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S1 E6 DJ Twins
All the free bottled water in the world can’t soften the sting of rejection during an evening with the family.
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S1 E5 Uncle Dad
Dale, sick of getting screwed out of a good deal on hutches, leaves his daughters in the care of Chip, consequences be damned.
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S1 E4 Easter in Bakersfield
Easter in Bakersfield is not all Neil Diamond sings it to be as Baskets family drama brews over brunch.
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S1 E3 Strays
Tragedy strikes when one of Martha’s best friends is murdered by another one of her friends. Chip comes to Martha’s aid in the aftermath.
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S1 E2 The Trainee
Chip takes a new clown at the rodeo under his wing. Mad clown love ensues.
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S1 E1 Renoir
A strong command of French is needed to really excel in French Clown School. Chip Baskets finds this out the hard way.