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Lights Out, from Executive Producer/Showrunner Warren Leight, stars Holt McCallany as an aging former heavyweight boxing champion who struggles to find his identity and support his wife and three daughters after retiring from the ring. Financial problems leave him at a perilous crossroads – battling the urge to return to boxing or reluctantly accepting a job as a brutal and intimidating debt collector. 

Catherine McCormack co-stars as “Theresa Leary,” Lights’ wife who is finishing her medical residency; Pablo Schreiber as “Johnny Leary,” Lights’ brother and business manager whom Lights put through college; and Stacy Keach as “Pops,” Lights’ father and former trainer who runs the boxing gym owned by Lights.

Clark Johnson and Norberto Barba directed the pilot episode. Series Creator Justin Zackham, Phillip Noyce and Ross Fineman are also Executive Producers. Lights Out is produced by Fox Television Studios and FX Productions.