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Richard Cabral

Richard Cabral stars as “Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz,” a full patch member of Mayans M.C., Santo Padre. Former Army sharpshooter and weapons specialist, Coco earned a section 8 for shooting a cigar out of his C.O.'s mouth from a half-mile away -- while he was stoned. Cabral was nominated for an Emmy Award® for his riveting portrayal of “Hector Tontz” in ABC’s commercially and critically-acclaimed anthology series, American Crime, which was created by Academy Award® winner John Ridley. On the big screen, he played the title character in Khali the Killer. Cabral co-starred opposite Gabrielle Union and Billy Burke in the thriller Breaking In. He will next be seen co-starring opposite Jennifer Garner in Peppermint, which will debut later this year. Born into a Mexican family involved in L.A. Gangs since the 1970s, Cabral also entered a lifetime of incarceration until he was 25 years old, when he met Father Greg of Homeboy Industries who changed his life by introducing him to art and acting. After his first job on Southland, he worked on the first three seasons of American Crime. In addition to writing poetry and working on a one-man show, Cabral now spends his free time doing charity work with Homeboy Industries and giving motivational speeches at juvenile detention centers and high schools.