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Ride Along 2

Starring Ice CubeIce CubeKevin HartKevin HartTika SumpterOlivia MunnBenjamin BrattNadine VelazquezOlivia MunnGlen PowellKen JeongKen JeongBruce McGillMichael RoseSherri ShepherdEric GoinsCarlos GómezUtkarsh AmbudkarGlen PowellNadine VelazquezBresha WebbJessica BialickMichelle PierowayShelby CourtneyJames Martin KellyJames KellyRobert PralgoTyrese Gibson
A veteran detective reluctantly finds himself taking his soon-to-be brother-in-law – now a reckless rookie cop – on another ride along, this time with the goal of proving to him he lacks what it takes to be a detective.