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Rescue Me examines the fraternal nature and relationships of the men in a New York City firehouse, the crew of 62 Truck. The series tackles the dramatic aspects of dealing with the day-to-day life and death issues associated with being a firefighter, while not shying away from the comedy of men living together, or the way in which firefighters use dark humor as a device to mask their emotions.

Tommy Gavin is the senior firefighter of his crew and is trying to cope with the stress of his many years on the job -- pre- and post-9/11. For the first time in his career, Gavin is dealing with the emotional trauma of his profession as he questions his courage, ability, faith and future. He feels an enormous responsibility to conceal his fear and anxiety, to maintain a strong façade for his colleagues, and to uphold the memory of his fallen friends, most of all his best friend and cousin, Jimmy Keefe.