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FX’s limited drama Thief stars Andre Braugher as Nick Atwater, a professional thief who has reached a critical turning point in his life. He thought he had everything he could have ever wanted; a nice house, a good business selling classic cars, a beautiful wife (who knows nothing of his criminal history) and the flexibility to pull off the occasional score around the country. However, when his wife dies in a tragic car accident, Nick decides that maintaining the illusion of the straight, clean, middle class life is no longer worth the effort.

After a heist in San Francisco yields less cash, and more trouble with the Chinese Mafia than they expected, Nick and his crew take on a high-risk job that he had refused for years – a job that just might be the biggest payoff of his career, if not the biggest payoff ever.

There’s only one problem – Tammi, Nick’s 14-year-old stepdaughter. When one of Nick’s crew shows up at his house the night of his wife’s death, brandishing a gun, Tammi witnesses Nick shoot the intruder. With barely enough time to digest the tragic death of her mother, Tammi is forced to question her trust – and safety – with Nick, a virtual stranger who has become her sole parent.

The score Nick and his crew are working (a $40 million heist on a plane) is risky and complicated. They have too little time to prepare and it’s going to make Nick’s hometown of New Orleans very, very hot. On the home front, he is trying to deal with his stepdaughter who knows nothing of his criminal life and yet is a witness to the murder of one of his crew. On top of all of this, Nick has to deal with dirty cops, Chinese assassins, a Federal government with lots of guns and a long memory, and a crew that is wound so tight that they just might explode. But if he can keep everything under control, he could walk away with one of the biggest scores of all time.

Members of the ensemble cast include Malik Yoba, Yancey Arias, Clifton Collins, Jr., Mae Whitman, Will Yun Lee, Michael Rooker, Dina Meyer and Linda Hamilton.

Thief was written and created by Normal Morrill who serves as Executive Producer alongside David Manson and Gavin Polone. The series is produced by Regency Television. The pilot episode was shot on location in New Orleans, where production was impacted by Hurricane Katrina.